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The French Perspective on the Napoleonic Navy - Featured Spotlight for "Tyranny's Bloody Standard"

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A gripping and unique take on Napoleonic naval fiction, seen from the French perspective. Written by an award-winning author of naval history.

Tyranny’s Bloody Standard

By J D Davies

Legendary warriors, devastating sea battles, and a chance, finally, for vengeance.

After a daring escape from a British prison, Philippe Kermorvant returns to

France and gains command of a frigate in the Mediterranean, where France is

trying to rebuild its decimated fleet.

Facing overwhelming odds, the fleet is forced to flee for refuge to a fortified bay.

The prospect of an interminable blockade looms, but Philippe is given leave from

his command to meet an enigmatic young general, who has a mission for him.

What follows is a shocking murder, a siege, a whirlwind romance and a duel to the death on the high seas, as Philippe contends with threats from every side. And amidst all this chaos, a terrible face from his past threatens to uproot everything that he has built for himself.

A fascinating naval adventure of the Age of Sail told from the French perspective, perfect for fans of Hornblower and Sharpe.

Also in the Philippe Kermorvant series:

Sailor of Liberty (9781804360873)

J. D. Davies is the prolific author of historical naval adventures. He is also one of the foremost authorities on the seventeenth-century navy, which brings a high level of historical detail to his fiction, namely his Matthew Quinton series. He has written widely on the subject, most recently Kings of the Sea: Charles II, James II and the Royal Navy, and won the Samuel Pepys Award in 2009 with Pepys’s Navy: Ships, Men and Warfare, 1649-1689.

Tyranny’s Bloody Standard by J D Davies


Canelo | On Sale: 26 Sept 2023 | Paperback £9.99 | Ebook £3.99

ISBN:9781804360910, 368 pages

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